Different Type of Commercial Leases

Commercial Real Estate

AUG 17, 2023

Commercial leases are essential agreements that govern the relationship between landlords and business tenants. Unlike residential leases, commercial leases come in various formats to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses and property owners.

Gross Lease (Full-Service Lease)

The Gross Lease, also known as a Full-Service Lease, is one of the most straightforward lease types for tenants. In this arrangement, the tenant pays a fixed, all-inclusive rent amount, and the landlord covers all operating expenses, including property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities. This lease is common in office spaces and is ideal for businesses seeking predictable and manageable monthly costs.



Net Lease

A Net Lease shifts some of the property expenses from the landlord to the tenant. There are three main types of net leases: Single Net Lease (N Lease), Double Net Lease (NN Lease), and Triple Net Lease (NNN Lease). In a Single Net Lease, the tenant pays the base rent and a portion of property taxes. In a Double Net Lease, the tenant pays the base rent, property taxes, and insurance. The Triple Net Lease is the most common, where the tenant covers the base rent, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance expenses.



Percentage Lease

Percentage leases are commonly used in retail and shopping center environments. In this type of lease, the tenant pays a base rent plus a percentage of their gross sales over a certain threshold. The percentage is negotiated between the tenant and landlord and may be based on the tenant's monthly or annual sales.



Choosing the right commercial lease is a crucial decision for any business. Each type of commercial lease offers its own advantages and disadvantages, catering to different business models and risk tolerances. As a business owner, understanding the nuances of each lease type will empower you to negotiate the best terms for your specific needs.

This content is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as financial, tax, legal, or insurance advice.


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