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SEP 24, 2022

Arguably the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt has been on the importance of pausing. I don’t mean pausing to rest or vacation from work, but rather, pausing to think for the sake of thinking. I remember what it felt like in my head a few years ago, it was like that one meme.

I can’t pin point the exact moment I started to feel ‘put-together’ but it happened over 18 months or so after I began a series of habit changes. More on that next week.

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions as I anxiously wade through my real estate career. I closed on my second deal as a broker (woohoo), and began to think of ways to leverage the tools I already have in order to grow. S pointed out: it’s one thing to dump $$ into marketing, it’s another to find you organically.

I feel the dots painstakingly connect.

For example, I’ve started taking courses on SEO and how to structure your website & content in a way that’s favored by Google’s algorithm. The smarter your SEO strategy, the higher you’ll rank when people Google keywords you’re targeting. Alternatively, you just throw money at it until you’re broke.

Additionally, what I’ve also learnt is that social media companies’ algorithms are designed to favor accounts that interact with others. So commenting a bunch on other posts ends up boosting your own — which has been helpful since I stumbled across a community of other players in my local real estate market.

Sometimes it feels like my mind is running at 1000/mph because there’s so many directions you can go in RE. You can continue to be a broker and build a brand, or invest in other avenues such as wholesaling, flipping, etc. I get frustrated whenever I find myself losing focus but I don’t think it’s the right way to describe it.

I’d say I’m still tunnel-vision-forget-to-eat-focused, but my vision keeps shifting between near & far. On the one hand, I want to try all the cool things, and on the other: I know it’s not feasible to be good at anything if I try everything at the same time. Craftsmanship requires sacrifice, sacrificing other options for the chosen one. Earlier this week I sat down and calculated just how much I actually work and I surprised myself. I’m spending around 12-15 hours a day doing this, as someone who preaches to his friends about burnout — what a hypocrite.


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