Why Part Time Agents Hurt You

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FEB 23, 2023

Let's say you have a full time job which involves different team members, meetings, and ongoing projects. Are you allowed to: check your phone constantly? Answer random calls during meetings? Or even leave during the middle of the day for a real estate appointment?

Regardless of whether you're a buyer, a seller, or someone watching from the sidelines: real estate won't stop for you. If you're thinking about hiring an agent, it's important to confirm whether or not they do it full time because part time agents will hurt you in the long run.

Real Estate Isn't Just 9-5

If you're working with an agent that already has a full time job, or other side-gigs, then guess what they're doing through 9-5: It's not real estate. Sure, some people might wait for a returned call but most don't. A lot buyers & seller's want instant responses and rightfully so: they have their pick of options when it comes to the quantity of agents out there, and would rather work with someone that can get back to their immediate questions right away.

Slow Reaction Time

Any real estate transaction will have hiccups along the process, it's the nature of the industry. Every transaction is unique and so is every pair of buyer & seller — this means by default, every hiccup is also going to be a unique issue that needs to be addressed. An agent's job is to stay on top of her files in order to mitigate or react to it appropriately. If a part-time agent is working on a file, they will likely not be able to resolve immediate issues in a timely manner: which causes frustrations to all parties involved.

It's Not Their Priority

As 'sexy' of an industry real estate is, it attracts a lot of chasers that are looking for a quick side-hustle to make some extra cash. Their full time job is what their livelihood depends on, and so you have to ask yourself where your needs will fall on their list of priorities: Is it below a deadline they have at their main job? Is it above the little free time they have after working a 9-5 which they use to spend with their partner and children?

Real estate won't wait for anyone. Houses are bought and sold while agents take their time to return phone calls and schedule showings. This article isn't meant to knock on any part-time agents that are working their hardest, but the reality is that part time agents can't give their 100% to their clients.

This content is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as financial, tax, legal, or insurance advice.


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