NYC Special Purpose Districts (Queens)

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JUL 18, 2023

Queens is a vibrant and diverse area with its own distinct neighborhoods and architectural charm. To guide responsible development and preserve the unique characteristics of each community, NYC Department of Buildings has implemented various special zoning districts. Below are 4 of the 11 special purpose districts in Queens.

Long Island City Special Mixed Use District

This district promotes a balanced mix of residential, commercial, and light industrial uses. Its aim is to encourage the creation of a lively and vibrant urban environment that integrates living spaces, workspaces, and amenities. The district allows for higher density development and supports the growth of innovative industries.

Jamaica Special Downtown District

The Jamaica Special Downtown District (DJ) seeks to revitalize the neighborhood's central business district, encouraging economic growth and enhancing the area's walkability. The district permits a mix of commercial, residential, and community facility uses, with a focus on fostering a vibrant and accessible urban center.

Flushing West Special District

The Flushing West Special District, situated in the bustling neighborhood of Flushing, aims to support a vibrant mix of uses, including residential, commercial, and community facilities. The district encourages transit-oriented development and includes provisions for public open spaces, affordable housing, and improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation. It seeks to enhance the neighborhood's character while accommodating growth and creating a more sustainable and accessible community.

Far Rockaway Special Downtown District

Far Rockaway is located on the easternmost end of Queens. The district focuses on revitalizing the neighborhood's central business district, promoting economic development, and enhancing the area's attractiveness for residents, businesses, and visitors. It encourages mixed-use development, improved pedestrian environments, and public spaces to create a vibrant downtown hub.

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