My clients encountered several significant challenges in their journey to purchase a single-family home in Queens. First and foremost, their reliance on a low downpayment FHA loan and limited cash upfront led to multiple offers being rejected.

Sellers were often hesitant to accept offers that didn't come with substantial downpayments, making it difficult for my clients to compete in a competitive market. Additionally, one of the buyers had a challenged credit score, which further complicated the process of securing financing approval.

Beyond the financial hurdles, we needed to find a property that offered enough space to accommodate a growing family, with the potential to add additional rooms in the future. Balancing these requirements while staying within their budget in a high-demand area like Queens proved to be a daunting task.


To address the challenges my clients faced in purchasing a single-family home in Queens, we took several strategic steps. First, we held multiple in-depth discussions to clearly define the type of property that would meet their needs in terms of space, budget, condition, and location. This clarity helped us streamline our search process and avoid wasting time on properties that didn't align with their requirements.

Next, we engaged early on with the right lenders who understood our goals and were willing to work with us despite the credit and cash restrictions. These lenders were crucial in providing the necessary support and flexibility to move forward.

With a clear understanding of what we were looking for, we focused our efforts on properties where we had a realistic chance of getting under contract. This targeted approach allowed us to avoid uphill battles and concentrate on viable options.

Additionally, we approached the search holistically, recognizing that some compromises would be necessary given the market conditions and trends. By balancing their priorities with a pragmatic understanding of the market, we were able to identify properties that offered the best potential to meet their needs and secure financing.


Our strategic approach and diligent efforts culminated in a highly successful outcome for my clients. We were able to find a single-family home in Queens that perfectly suited the needs of my buyer and his growing family. Despite the initial challenges, we secured the property under contract with a low down payment and earnest deposit, meeting their financial constraints.

This achievement not only provided my clients with a home that met their spatial and budgetary requirements but also demonstrated that with the right strategy and persistence, overcoming financial hurdles in a competitive market is possible. The new home offers ample space for their growing family, fulfilling both their immediate needs and future aspirations.

If there was a higher rating than 5-Stars, Mo would be getting that! Me and my family had a wonderful journey with Mo pursuing the right home for us. Mo is very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely understanding of what his clients are looking for. Surprisingly, he’s always available too! Super responsive and detailed so that we could understand each and every process of the home purchasing journey. Ultimately, if you or anyone you know is looking to purchase a home, have a great experience in doing so and actually find a home you want, look no further than Closed by Mo!

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