When my clients approached me, they had already faced significant hurdles in their search for the perfect property. Having worked with multiple agents without success, they were feeling disheartened and skeptical about finding a value-add property within their $1M budget in an appreciating area of Brooklyn.

Their goal was to secure a multifamily property that would not only serve as a wise investment but also have the potential to generate substantial cash flow in the future. Specifically, they wanted a property where they could maximize all potential rental spaces, including two units and an unfinished basement with its own entrance and exit.

The combination of their budget constraints, the competitive Brooklyn market, and the need for a property with both immediate livability and future income potential made this search particularly challenging.


To overcome the challenges and meet my clients' needs, we embarked on a meticulous and strategic approach. We began by setting up multiple consultations to define precisely what we were looking for at different stages of the property hunt journey. This allowed us to refine our criteria and ensure that everyone was aligned on the priorities and expectations.

Next, we ran detailed analyses on numerous properties to quickly assess their potential and determine whether they warranted further in-person due diligence. This step was crucial in streamlining our search process and focusing our efforts on the most promising opportunities.

Understanding my clients' true goals was another essential part of our strategy. We had in-depth discussions to evaluate whether their objectives were feasible given the current market conditions and available data. This realistic assessment helped us adjust our approach and set achievable targets.

With a clear plan in place, we zeroed in on a shortlist of properties that met our criteria. I then negotiated assertively on behalf of my clients, leveraging my expertise and market knowledge to outmaneuver other buyers and secure the best possible deal. Through these concerted efforts, we successfully navigated the competitive Brooklyn market and found a property that not only met their immediate needs but also held significant long-term potential.


Our concerted efforts culminated in a highly successful outcome for my clients. We secured a property in the appreciating neighborhood of Bushwick, an area experiencing significant new development activity and poised for further growth.

Through strategic and assertive negotiations, we managed to get the property under contract below the asking price, while also avoiding the notorious NYC mansion tax. This achievement represented a substantial financial saving for my clients.

While the property required some work, it was in good enough condition to be livable immediately, allowing my clients to move in and achieve their goal of renovating it at their own pace. This flexibility was a crucial factor in their decision-making process. Additionally, the building featured an unfinished basement with high ceilings and its own entrance/exit from the street. This aspect presented a fantastic opportunity for my clients to complete the basement renovation in the near future, potentially generating extra income by renting it out as an additional space.

The information provided in this case study is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial, or tax advice. Please consult with a qualified professional for advice tailored to your specific situation. Additionally, for the privacy of my clients, certain details of the transaction, such as the address and names, have been omitted.

Mo is an incredibly knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and proactive agent, who provided so much help and guidance to us in our "house hacking" search. His knowledge of real estate and rental regulations and strategies goes very deep (as he has his own experience in the area), and he can answer literally any questions you have. Will definitely be reaching out to Mo for our next search!

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