My clients faced several significant challenges in their search for a co-op in NYC. Firstly, they required a property with low monthly maintenance fees and minimal planned assessments, a rare find in a city where co-op maintenance costs are often high.

Additionally, they needed the property to be within a 10 to 15-minute commute from their workplace, further limiting the available options. Finally, we had to find a co-op that fit within their budget, making the search even more challenging in a competitive and expensive real estate market like NYC. Balancing these stringent criteria while navigating the high demand and limited supply posed a formidable challenge.


To tackle the challenges my clients faced in their search for a suitable NYC co-op, we implemented a comprehensive and strategic approach. First, we held multiple discussions to clearly define the type of property that would meet their needs in terms of space, budget, condition, and location. This clarity allowed us to focus our efforts on viable options and avoid wasting time on properties outside our "buy box."

Next, we engaged early with the right lenders who understood our goals and were willing to work with us despite the credit and cash restrictions. These lenders provided the necessary support and flexibility, enabling us to navigate the financing challenges more effectively.

Armed with a clear understanding of my clients' requirements and a strong financing strategy, we conducted a targeted search. By leveraging the insights gained from our initial consultations, we streamlined our efforts and concentrated on properties that matched our criteria. This focused approach ensured that we were only considering realistic options.

Additionally, we approached the search holistically, taking into account market data and trends. We recognized the need for compromise in certain areas, balancing their priorities with a pragmatic understanding of the current market conditions. This strategy allowed us to identify properties that offered the best potential to meet my clients' needs while staying within their budget and preferred commute time.


Our strategic approach and diligent efforts led to outstanding results for my clients. We successfully found a co-op in NYC that perfectly aligned with their aesthetic preferences and financial constraints, while also being within a convenient 10 to 15-minute commute from their workplace. This property not only met their space and condition requirements but also provided an ideal balance between cost and convenience.

Moreover, through assertive negotiations, we secured the co-op for under market price. We also managed to have the seller cover a portion of the closing costs, further reducing the financial burden on my clients. This achievement underscored our ability to navigate the competitive NYC real estate market effectively and secure a highly favorable deal for my clients.

I first met Mo at an open house and was impressed. He exuded confidence, knowledge and a professional attitude. I could tell immediately that he was someone that my husband and I would would be able to count on. I called my husband excitedly singing Mo’s praises and said you have to meet him; this is our guy! Of course, when my husband met Mo, he totally agreed and that was the true start of our journey with Mo. We had one of the most stressful and unreal processes but Mo never disappointed, he kept us sane and saw us through to the finish line. He was always accountable, staying on top of everyone and every moving part of the process. We definitely couldn’t have done it without him. If you need a real estate agent then Closed by Mo is the way to Go! You’ll Thank me later!! :-)

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